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The i510 Wiring Box bolts to i60x/i4xx hardware, and provides the following features:

The picture to the right shows an open i510 with wires routed through both top and bottom windows. The i51x is of clamshell design with identical top and bottom plastic halves that mate via 3 bolts. Two captive 4-40 bolts secure the i51x to any i4xx card that has an Hd44 male connector. The i510 is 7 x 2.5 x 13 cm in size (2.7" x 1" x 5.3", d/w/h).

i510 Bolted to i4xx Card


Photo shows open i510 with end user
wires. Red arrows show 3 bolts used to open/close box.

Several Different Wiring Boxes
Several different i51x wiring boxes are available. For a summary of each, click here.

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