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SoundScope is a third generation speech and sound analysis product line that represents a breakthrough in ease-of-use and advanced features. Record a sound, perform analysis, extract key values, and compute statistics all with a few clicks of the mouse. Scroll through data, adjust the scale or display range, and even change the parameters for sound analysis computations. SoundScope offers unprecedented flexibility that you can begin using today.

SoundScope is compatible with OS 8, 9, and 10.x (in Classic 9.x Mode); yet does NOT run under OS ≥ 10 in native mode.


  • Record, view, analyze, play, store & print sound waveforms.
  • See spectrograms in full color.
  • View fundamental frequency (Fo), jitter (pitch pertubation), shimmer (amplitude pertubation), frequency spectra (FFT), linear predictive coding (LPC), and much more.
  • Compute statistics such as percent voiced, percent unvoiced and percent silent.
  • Design your own instrument screen, no programming required.
  • Customize menus and displays.
  • Cut, Copy & Paste between SoundScope and other applications.
  • Record and playback up to maximum CPU memory (e.g. record for 100 seconds at 22kSamples/sec with 4.5 MB of free memory).
  • Enter notes and observations into the integrated text editor.


  • Bioacoustics
  • Criminology
  • Linguistics
  • Phonetics
  • Psycholinguistics
  • Sound Studio Recording
  • Speech Pathology
  • Speech Science
  • Vibration

SoundScope Literature

For more information, please see:

2 Channel Analyzer

This instrument features dual time waveform windows for viewing and comparing two sound waveforms simultaneously, dual analysis windows which can be used to display and compare spectrograms, Fo and other pertubation measurements of the two sound waveforms, dual snapshot windows for displaying and comparing FFT''s, LPC, and expanded time segments of the two sound waveforms, and a journal for keeping notes.

2 Channel Editor

This instrument shows a detailed view of two waveforms.


For details on compatible Macintosh computers and operating systems, click here.

Product List

SoundScope Version 3/CD Software with USB key, Order #gwi-sos-USB
SoundScope Software for 1 Macintosh computer. Includes hard copy manual, CD, software, sample instruments, teaching instruments/documentation, clinical instruments/documentation, and USB security key (attaches to keyboard of ≥ 1998 Macintosh). For a security key that attaches to an old style ADB Macintosh, please order "-ADB" instead of "-USB". Does Not include computer or sound record/play hardware (which typically is built into a Macintosh computer).

SoundScope Version 3/CD 5pak, Order #gwi-sos-5pak-USB
SoundScope Software for 5 computers. Includes 5 USB security keys. Must first order #gwi-sos-xxx.

Upgrade SoundScope 2.x (not 1.x) to Version 3/CD, Order #gwi-sos-upg-USB
Must have previously purchased SoundScope 2.x (SOS). Includes USB security key. Can operate new SOS 3.x on old ADB Macintosh with old SOS 2.x ADB security key.

Software Upgrades

One can easily upgrade the older SoundScope Version 2.x software (not 1.x) to Version 3.x by ordering part #gwi-sos-upg-USB, as noted above. What is the primary difference?

  • Version 3.x is compatible with the newer ≥ 1999 Macintosh computers & operating systems, whereas Versions 1.x/2.x are not
  • Version 3.x is shipped on a CD ROM, instead of floppies, with more sample instruments and documentation.
  • Version 3.x (-USB) includes a USB security key, for the newer Macintosh computers.