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December 2016

Announced new products:

  • i60x Standalone USB Data Acquisition System.
  • Released instruNet version v3.7 software.

January 2010

  • Announced new products:
    • i240 USB instruNet Controller
    • i400 Card Cage for i4xx Cards
    • i430 Card (16bit A/D, 16se/8di vin, mux, 4 vout, 4 digital i/o)
    • i423 Card (6di voltage input, amplifier, filter, 4 digital i/o)
    • i420 Card (20se/10di voltage input, multiplexor, 4 digital i/o)
    • i460 Card (28 digital i/o channels)
    • i410 Card (Interface between i2x0 controller and i4xx card cage)
    • i510 Wiring Box with Screw Terminals
    • Precision Resistors
    • i530 Din rail mounting kit for i4xx Card Cage
    • Hd44 Male-to-Female Cable (3 meters)
  • Released instruNet version 3.0 software.
  • Db25 Male-to-Female cable part numbers changed from "#iNet-Cable-..ft" to "#iNet-Db25-..ft".
  • Db25 Male-to-Female 1ft cable has grown by 2ft, and is now 3ft, #iNet-Db25-3ft
  • Prices increased for the following products: #i312.8, #i312.8eu, #i330.
  • Discontinued use of hard copy User's Manual in favor of placing all documentation on the instrunet.com website, and installing a local copy of this website on end user computer during instruNet software install. This enables end user to access all documnentation w/o internet connection.
  • Discontinued support for Macintosh
  • Discontinued support for Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2K computers.
  • instruNet version ≥ 3.0 software does NOT run on Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2K computers.
  • For more details on what is compatible with what, see instruNet Compatibility.
  • instruNet software v2 supported Windows 95/98/Me/Nt/2k with the i200, i230 and i100 products (not i4xx cards, not i240/i60x USB). For details on installing i200/i230 controller cards into Windows 95/98/Me computers, click here. Note that the i230 card never supported Windows NT. To download the older version 2.x software, click here .

January 2001

  • Discontinued software interfaces for: HPVee software, TestPoint software, Microsoft BASIC ≤ 6.0 (1998), Microsoft C version ≤ 6.0 (1998).

January 1999

  • SuperScope II software no longer supports Macintosh computers manufactured after 1999.
  • SoundScope software no longer supports Macintosh computers (in native mode) manufactured after 1999.

January 1996

  • MacADIOS hardware, which was manufactured between 1985 and 1995, was discontinued in 1996 due to not being compatible with the newer computers.